Financing & Rentals

Finance Options:

For qualified coaches looking to find the perfect team.

Are you looking to start a gym but you lack capital to finance the venture? Perhaps you would you like to upgrade your current facility, but your cash flow is stalling an upfront purchase?

There's no need to wrack your brain in search of the right solution anymore, because we understand your dilemma. We offer affordable rental solutions on quality used gym equipment to help you get off the Bench and into the game! Because we understand that every fitness facility is unique, we will customise a quote to meet your requirements.

Find out more about our rental and finance solutions today. Just fill out the contact form and we will get back to you with some options! In the long run it really is the most cost-effective option.

*This model is ideally suited for schools and sports clubs.


Short term rentals on talented gym equipment extras.

Whether you are shooting a blockbuster movie, short Indie film or a crafty advertisement, budget is always tight! Don’t waste money on expensive gym equipment to stand in the background. We've got a few good-looking treadmills and spinning bikes on the Bench that can’t wait for their moment in the spotlight!

Look no further than our comprehensive list of gym equipment for hire. We will ensure that you find the perfect prop to complement your set. It’s as easy as filling out the contact form with your request and we will source the talent you need at a lower cost!