The All New Full Spec Benched Power Rack

November 04, 2019

The All New Full Spec Benched Power Rack

Power Racks are powerful gym equipment pieces that facilitate heavy weight lifting.  Let's take a closer look at Power Racks and why they are great for home gyms or commercial fitness facilities. What is a power rack, why do you need one and what makes the Benched Power Rack a no brainer?

What Are Power Racks?

Power racks (a.k.a power cagessquat cages or squat racks) are weight-training equipment pieces that facilitate heavy barbell exercises such as bench press, squats and overhead presses.

Made from solid steal, these cage-like structures generally have four upright beams and two adjustable catches, or two spotter's arms, that assist in the safety of your lifts.

More elaborate power racks have an array of integrated features that may include: barbell and bumper-plate storage, pull-up bars, pull-down cable attachments, rubber-band hooks, landmine sleeves and even lifting platforms.

Why train with a power rack?

You may be asking yourself, "why should I train with a power rack?".

If you are focused on building strength and lifting heavier weights, then there are four key reasons why a power rack is an important piece of gym equipment for you.

1. Power Racks afford you peace of mind: We don’t always have a training partner to spot us. Especially when you are training in your home gym, it is difficult to push the boundaries. Power racks afford you peace of mind with integrated spotter's arms to assist in your lifts and ensure you feel comfortable to go the extra mile without the movement restrictions imposed by equipment such as a Smith Machine.

2. Power racks save space: As mentioned before, many power racks have accessory attachments, such as a chin-up bars, pulldown-cable attachments, or pegs for storing bumper plates. With integrated clip-on-clip-off solutions, power racks become fully functional gyms in their own right. They are perfect for a home or garage gym setup and moreover open up endless possibilities when integrated into a functional or cross-training fitness environment.

3. Power racks allow precise range of motion: Power racks allow you to engage in assisted training without the restrictions seen with for example a Smith Machine. This affords you the ability to train with precision and a full range of motion.

4. Power racks facilitate awesome exercises: Power Racks, especially those with extra bells and whistles, allow you to engage in an array of awesome exercises including:

Unleash the Beast With the Benched Power Rack 

It is clear that a power rack is a superior piece of gym equipment.

Now, let’s take a look at the new Benched Power Rack. Get ready to unleash the beast with this full spec power rack that comes with an integrated weight-lifting platform.

If you are looking to push your training to the next level and transform yourself and your fitness offering, then the Benched Power Rack is a no brainer.

This beast is made from solid steel and offers maximum functionality with the following integrated features:

  • Solid steel frame
  • Heavy-duty J-cups that lock into perfectly measured uprights
  • Secure super-strong spotter's arms
  • Flying Pull-up Rack
  • An extra Chin-up bar accessed from the back
  • Integrated Barbell and Bumper-plate Storage
  • World-class Weightlifting Platform with optional integrated flooring inserts
  • Hooks for Rubber Bands to train strength and power
  • Integrated landmine Sleeve and Row attachment
  • Extra storage options for bands and ropes


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